2019 Arizona Fallen Hero Motorcycle Memorial Rides

During our 2019 Arizona Fallen Hero Memorial Ride we divided the state into three different regions north, central and south. We plan was to hold a memorial rife on each region and treat our riders to a barbecue at the conclusion of each ride.

With it being the 50th Anniversary of the Arizona Department of Public Safety, we wanted to honor the 30 fallen officers from that Department. In our planning, our riders would ride to each of the memorial monuments, hold a memorial ceremony and meet at a designated location for the barbecue.

Our northern ride occurred on September 21st  with launch points in Holbrook, Kingman, Pinetop and Prescott.

Our southern ride occurred on October 19th with launch points in Tucson and Yuma.

Our central ride occurred on November 2nd with launch points in Anthem and Mesa.

Throughout the year, we collected over $43,000 in raffle prizes and cash donations. All net money was donated to the Concerns of Police Survivors, Arizona Chapter.