Monthly Recurring Donation to AZFHMR

Almost daily a First Responder is seriously injured or killed in the line of duty. The funds raised through donations goes to help those First Responders and their families. All money raised by the AZFHMR stays in Arizona to help those who need it most.

How is your donation utilized? We are staffed by volunteers and have NO paid employees. Daily, we work out of our homes and have no facility expenses. Our monthly meeting locations are donated and our office expenses averages less than one half of one percent of our income. This allows us to allocate more money to our programs and donate 100% of our designated program money to help those in need. *

*With having no paid employees, only a portion of the money raised is utilized to fund our next First Responder memorial events. 

Our programs assist First Responders with short and long-term disabilities and their families.

Continuing Education Assistance Program. Our program will assist grandchildren of First Responders killed in the line of duty with expenses to Trade Schools, Technical College, Online Technical Schools, or Universities.

Tuition Assistance to surviving Spouses of First Responders who are seriously injured or killed in the line of duty. This program will offer tuition assistance Trade Schools, Technical College, Online Technical Schools, or Universities to spouses of a seriously injured or fallen First Responder so they can enter the work force and support their family. 

Provide financial assistance to the families of First Responders. At times life takes unexpected turns, and our heroes are not immune from this misfortune. Unforeseeable events take a financial toll on and these hardships all too often affect children the most.

Provide bereavement assistance. Even though there are organizations who provide aid during the greatest time of sorrow, our organization will provide additional financial assistance to help with daily expenses.

Provide funding for personal protective equipment to First Responders. 

Adopt a recently seriously injured or fallen First Responder’s family especially a family with small children at Thanksgiving and/or Christmas. Provide a Thanksgiving and/or Christmas dinners. For families with small children,   and purchase gifts (set amount) for the children at Christmas our Santa will deliver Christmas gifts and we will ride with him to deliver the gifts.

Provide grants/donations for the maintenance, upkeep, restoration, and purchase of First Responder memorial monuments. These monuments serve as crucial reminders of the ultimate sacrifices made by our First Responders, ensuring their preservation is a meaningful way to honor their service, help communities uphold the dignity, respect the memorials deserve while ensuring these important symbols remain in good condition for future generations to appreciate.

For less than half the price of a sandwich, with a recurring donation, you can help make a difference in the life of a First Responder and their families. Help us make that difference with a one time, a monthly, quarterly, or annual donation. A donation of any amount will be put to work immediately and will make a difference in the life of a family, a child of a First Responder seriously injured or killed in the line of duty.