Volunteer Information


The 100 Club of Arizona is the charity we support and they have a volunteer program. We ask anyone wishing to volunteer and assist in our events,  please sign up as a volunteer with the 100 Club. Please use the link 100 Club Volunteer to register.


Check-in/Registration on the day before and day of the rides. The day before and the morning of our memorial rides, we need assistance at our major starting points, which includes Prescott on the forth Saturday of September, Tucson on the third Saturday of October and Mesa on the second Saturday of  November. Duties include rider check-in  and register “walk up” riders, hand out tee shirts to registered riders, and help us sell our merchandise. We also need assistance in selling various raffle tickets.


Assist with setup and cleanup at all three barbeques. The day of the memorial rides, we conclude the event with a barbecue. Assistance is needed in setting up tables, chairs at specific locations in the Flagstaff area, Tucson, and Mesa. Once the barbecue has concluded, assistance is needed to take down the tables, chairs and ensure the area is cleaner than we found it.


Support vehicles/Recovery vehicles. We have various starting points throughout Arizona. In Northern Arizona, we start our memorial rides in Kingman, Pinetop/Lakeside, and Prescott. In Southern Arizona, we start our rides in Tucson and Yuma. In Central Arizona we start the rides in Mesa and Prescott for the Yarnell/Anthem rides. We utilize pickup trucks with trailers to assist our riders if their motorcycle becomes disabled. The motorcycle is loaded onto the trailer and transported to a repair shop. We also utilize support vehicles to transport ice chests with additional cold water, snacks, and sports drinks for the riders.

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