Pinetop-Lakeside Route


Rider Check-in

Rider check-in will occur at 8am on September 23rd, 2023 at the Hon Dah Resort & Casino, 777 Highway 260, Pinetop/Lakeside. After our rider check-in, there will be a ride safety briefing and memorial ceremonies prior to departing the area.

Turn by Turn Route Map

Pinetop-Lakeside Route

Once the memorial ceremonies have concluded, we will continue east on Highway 260 to the intersection of U.S. Highway 60. At this location we will turn LEFT (north) on U.S. 60 to the McDonald’s, 180 E. Main Street in Springerville. We will have a 15-minute relief break (designated meeting location).

We will depart the McDonald’s and travel northwest on U.S. 60 to the intersection of Highway 61. We will turn RIGHT at this intersection and travel north on Highway 61 to the town of Concho. At milepost 368, we will stop and conduct a memorial ceremony for Arizona Department of Public Safety Trooper (designated meeting location).

After the memorial ceremony, we will continue north on Highway 61 to the intersection of Highway 180A. At this intersection, we will turn LEFT onto Highway 180A and will continue on 180 A to U.S. Highway 180. We will make a LEFT turn at this intersection and travel north to the intersection of Highway 77/Apache Avenue.

After arriving in Holbrook, riders will have a relief break/refueling stop at the Maverick Gas Station, 1301 Navajo Boulevard until approximately 12:30pm (designated meeting location).

After departing the Maverick, we will continue west on Interstate 40 to the Winslow Fire Department, 1525 Frontage Rd, Winslow, AZ 86047.

The route will continue west on I-40 to 1061 S. Plaza Way in Flagstaff. We will have a relief break at Meteor Crater Rest Area (designated meeting location).

Total mileage approximately 240 miles. Plan for approximately six hours (with stops) of travel time.