Prescott Route


Ride Check-in

Rider check-in will be from 5pm until 8pm on Friday September 22nd and from 7:00am until 8:00am on Saturday September 23rd at the Prescott Resort, 1500 E. Highway 89A in Prescott. There will be a rider Safety Briefing which will occur at 8:15am, in the lower parking lot with kickstands up by 8:30am.

Turn by Turn Route Map

Prescott Route

We will leave the lower Prescott Resort parking lot, turning RIGHT onto State Route 89A, then LEFT onto Prescott Lakes Parkway and continue on Prescott Lakes Parkway to Willow Lake Road. We will make a LEFT turn onto Willow Lake Road and continue on Willow Lake Road to Commerce Drive. We will turn LEFT onto Commerce Drive, arriving at the Arizona Department of Public Safety Office, 1111 Commerce Drive (designated meeting location). Memorial Ceremonies will start at 8:40am.

From the Arizona Department of Public Safety Office, we will make a LEFT turn onto Commerce Drive and continue to Pioneer Parkway. At this intersection, we will turn RIGHT onto Pioneer Parkway, following it to SR89A.

Staying on SR89A, through Jerome, into Cottonwood and to the Maverick Gas Station, 690 W. Highway 89A in Cottonwood (corner of Mingus Avenue and Highway 89A). Arrival at approximately 9:30AM. We will have a TEN MINUTE to FIFTEEN MINUTE relief break/refueling stop (designated meeting location).

After leaving the Maverick, we will travel east on Mingus Avenue/Cornville Road (County Road 30) through Cornville to Beaverhead Flats Road (County Road 78, approximately 4 miles east of Cornville). If for any reason riders become separated during this portion of the run, a designated rider will be at this intersection to assist getting the group back together.

We will turn LEFT on Beaverhead Flats Road and continue to SR179. Riders will turn left on SR179, travel through the Village of Oak Creek to the FOURTH Round-a-Bout at Chapel Hill Road. We will turn RIGHT and enter the parking lot of the Sedona Lutheran Church.

Memorial Ceremonies will start at approximately 11:10am at Sedona Fire Department Station #6, 2675 State Route 179, Sedona (designated meeting location).

PLEASE NOTE: Due to extremely heavy traffic through Sedona during past rides, which caused several issues for our riders, their motorcycles and added to our travel time, we have changed the remaining portion of this route.

We will depart Sedona Fire Department Station 6 turning LEFT onto SR179 and travel south on through the Village of Oak Creek to I-17. At the junction, we will travel north on I-17 to Flagstaff. We will have a short relief/refueling break at the Swift Travel Center, 3099 W. Shamrell Boulevard (designated meeting location). We expect law enforcement personnel to meet us at this location and escort us into Flagstaff.

After the relief break, we will continue north on I-17 to the I-40 junction. We will continue north on south Milton Road to Clay Avenue. At this intersection riders will turn left on Clay Avenue to Globe Street. Riders will stop at this intersection and memorial ceremonies will be held for two Flagstaff Police Department officers. We can expect Flagstaff Police Department to assist us in making the left turn at this intersection and to Officer Tyler Stewart’s monument.

Once the ceremonies have concluded, we will depart the area via Blackbird Roost across U.S. Route 66 to Metz Walk and to the South Plaza Way shopping center parking lot. We will meet other riders at the Oregano’s Restaurant 1061 S. Plaza Way, which is located toward the north end of the shopping center. We will have an approximate 15-minute relief break at this location.

Total mileage approximately 125 miles. Plan for approximately five to five and one-half hours (with stops) of travel time.