Cochise County Route


Cochise County (Sierra Vista) Ride Schedule

Turn by Turn Route Map

Cochise County Route

0730:         Rider Check-in time with our Road Captain will be at   100 Colonial De Salud, Sierra Vista in front of Suite 105, Cochise    County Sheriff’s Office Substation (rear of complex).

0800:         Memorial ceremony at the same location

0820:        Depart for Bisbee Border Patrol Station, eastbound on State Route 90, southbound on Moson Road, eastbound on Hereford Road, eastbound on State Route 92, and southbound on Naco Highway.

0900:         Arrive Terry Memorial Bisbee Border Patrol (28 miles)

0920:         Depart for the Douglas Police Department. Northbound on Naco Highway, eastbound on SR 92, eastbound on SR 80, and southbound on Pan American.

0950:         Arrive Rios Memorial Douglas PD (27 miles)

10:15:       Depart to I-10 Fuel/Break, northbound on Pan American, westbound on SR80, northbound on US191 (58 miles), eastbound on Dragoon Rd, eastbound on I-10 to exit 322 (Johnson Road). A fueling/relief break will be at Bowlin’s “The Thing”.  The next fuel stop will be approximately 80 miles.  At this location, we will meet riders from Nogales.

12:05:        Depart westbound on I-10 to the Texas Canyon Rest Area.

12:15:        Memorial ceremony at the westbound Texas Canyon rest area.

12:45:        Depart to Tucson with riders from Nogales ride.

14:05:        Arrive staging at Harkins Theater.  Total route miles approximately 210.

PLEASE NOTE: The first fuel stop during this route will be 135 miles.  If your motorcycle cannot make this mileage,  please advise your Road Captain at check-in prior to departure.